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Gate Automation Systems

The Automation Systems we use have been selected over many years of experience. We have always searched out quality of manufacturing, length of Warranty and also long term Reliability. Please check out the Systems below for more information.

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Types of Automation System

There are three main types of automation systems that we use and they have all changed significantly over the years in terms of quality & safety. The first and the least time consuming to install is above ground automation ( worm drive and hydraulic systems ). These motors are normally situated between the lower half and the middle of the gates and they are normally installed on the back of the gate and pull the gate into the property grounds. They can be installed to push the gates out in some rare situations. The second are the Underground Gate Motors. This system is preferred by many customers as the motors are hidden under the ground at the corners of the gate and all they can normally see is the motor box lid and third system we use is the sliding gate motor. There are two ways to install this system A) on a track or B) Suspended Cantilever. Normally on a domestic we would use the track system it is kinder to the eye but we do need the ground to be quite level. Please check out the systems below.

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Above Grounound System


Underground System

Sliding Gate System

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Our Three Main Gate Automation Suppliers


Bft Automation Uk Ltd


Nice Uk Ltd


Came Uk Ltd

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